Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why Do Conservatives Compromise?

I was wondering why only the conservatives compromise. Every time that there is an issue to be debated, we conservatives are always the ones asked to change our views in light of the so called progressive view. The best example I can give of this is Gun Control. Why is it that the 2nd Amendment is always under fire? The libs told us in the 80's, "We just want to ban the Saturday night specials" (which were cheap easily concealable handguns). Let's examine this argument before we move on. First of all what is a "cheap" handgun? Well that depends on the financial situation of the purchaser. If you make $7.00 an hour and work 5 days a week, a $250.00 handgun is not very cheap. If you are some big shot lawyer turned politician, well $250.00 is not even felt. So once again, our liberal friends dismiss subjectivity when it suits them (they are NEVER objective). For years now the left wingers have been after assault weapons and ammo. I can't figure out why the left always is at odds with the status quo. The staus quo isn't always bad, and if it is why is it the government's job to fix it? Let the markets and the American people decide how to fix our problems. At times it is necessary to question the reasoning and logic of our policies and procedures, I have no problem with that. What bothers me is every time we are asked, it is always in opposition to what is logical and reasonable. We are told if assault weapons were banned, then the country would be a safer place for the "children". B.S.!!! That is liberal rhetoric. They point out Columbine, the crazy student at Virginia Tech, and the nutcase in Geneva, AL. They will tell you that if there weren't any guns than this wouldn't have happened. I say if the CRAZY PEOPLE didn't have guns this wouldn't have happened. They DON'T tell you about all of the non-crazy, peace loving, taxpaying, responsible gun owners who don't go on shooting sprees everyday. They own firearms for sport, hunting, home defense, and personal protection. In no way am I a threat to anyone that isn't a threat to me or my family. I would also ask this, Do you libs think that these nut bags cared if there were any gun laws banning these weapons? Do you really think that would have stopped them? Do you really think the law enforcement in this country could stop all the sales and distribution of firearms nationwide? It's not working out too good for illegal drugs, prostitution, illegal immigration, etc. The only thing an all out ban on firearms would do is ensure that only criminals would be firearm owners. Once the criminals become the sole carriers of guns, well it's game on for them. They will know that if they break into your home, that you will not be capable of defending yourself. They will be armed, you won't! I guess you can call 911, wait 10-30 minutes until the police arrive. I wonder how long it would take a criminal to shoot you after you hang up the phone. See, this is what liberals do not want to debate. They want to call you a domestic terrorist, a redneck, a Bambi killing murderer. That is the way of the liberal, if they can't beat you on logic and facts, they will resort to name calling and trying to make it personal. With this they put you on the defensive and take the focus off of the topic at hand. After you have become angry with them over their personal attacks on your character, they will end the debate feeling as though they have won. But you can't "win" what you have never truly debated. The perfect example of this is Global Warming(or cooling whichever we are calling today). Al Gore claims, "the debate is over", funny I don't remember it ever truly taking place. I remember the media portraying only one side. Anyway, this blog's main focus is why conservatives must compromise, while the liberals are always asking for us to change for their benefit and never willing to change for ours. I say ENOUGH!!! I am sick and tired of spineless RINOs giving in to this none sense! Get a backbone! Represent your constituents! Do not cower before these pseudo-intellectuals and stand up for your values! If you refuse to fight for us, then you are of no use to us and you will be gone come next election. The health care issue is in compromise mode, the far left is screaming mad at the new propositions. This is a good start. But we can not allow this false sense of victory to pave the way for some "compromised" legislation to pass that will leave any loop holes in which the government takeover could still be imminent. The American people are standing up like I haven't seen in my lifetime! We are pissed off and I think the politicians are noticing. They can play it down all they want. Nancy Pelosi can call real American grassroots efforts AstroTurf all she wants, it doesn't change a damn thing. If anything, it pisses people off that much more, to where they are willing to take off work a little early to go to a town hall meeting. These people are not some right wing "mob", they are real everyday citizens. They are people with legitimate concerns. When the government keeps promising all these things and spending all this money without any explanation on how they will pay for it, people start getting scared. Fear then leads to anger, this is the fear induced anger that you are witnessing at these meetings. It is sincere. I know the media only shows the one loud guy screaming incoherently, don't expect to see the regular people aired on the news channels anytime soon. Never in my life have I seen the news media in this country betray the entire population without flinching. They will pay for their atrocities soon enough. A wind of change* is blowing in our country, change* that hasn't been felt in decades. I believe that there in a conservative awakening coming. Do not compromise if it is only one-sided, and NEVER compromise your values!

P.S. A question for all of you liberal women shouting, "Keep your laws off my body", when it comes to abortions. Why are you supporting the government being in control of the health care industry? If this passes, their laws will be ALL OVER your body. Just curious.

*Actual change - not just some meaningless mantra used to trick unsuspecting Americans into following some empty suit to the voting booths and pulling the lever for the most unqualified, far left, anti capitalist, flat out lying, czar appointing, automobile industry stealing, teleprompter reading, gun hating, baby killing, tax increasing politician to ever hold the office of the presidency

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