Friday, July 31, 2009

Both Sides Are Responsible

It seems as though, Americans are programmed to think that there are only two parties, and that those parties are polar opposites. This is true only to an extent. I for one will vote my ideology rather than party. Granted, most of the time the Republican positions are "more" in line with my ideology than the Democrats. Notice I said more. Not always. I can admit that. It seems to me, that most of the liberals that I talk to, are not willing to admit that their side has it's own failures and flaws. I've never seen a group of people so united in a movement that is so opposed to the principles of our Constitution. They will listen to everything Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Franken, Frank, and the mainstream media say and will take it as gospel. I criticized Bush when he approved the TARP bill. He never vetoed a spending bill. He was awful on illegal immigration. As a matter of fact, the only things he did right were tax cuts and national security. If I can admit that, why then will liberals not admit that the economic crisis was a joint effort. Obama wants to call it a Bush economy. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd love to blame Bush as well. The only problem is that Dodd and Frank are MORE to blame than Bush for the housing bubble bursting. If you think about it, it wasn't until after the 2006 elections when the Democrats gained control of the House and Senate did the economy start to take a downward turn. Bush and other Republicans pushed for regulations of Fannie and Freddie. Barney Frank responded, "These two entities - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - are not facing any kind of financial crisis,'' That's strange because apparently THEY WERE!!! He was also pushing for home ownership through sub prime loans stating,"those of us on our committee in particular will continue to push for home ownership." Then after the collapse he claimed, " It was a conservative view that rental housing was a bad thing. I have been trying to continue programs to build descent rental housing." B.S.!!! This guy is completely clueless and so are the voters of Massachusetts if they elect this guy again. Enough about "Slurring Barney". My point is that this economy is not owned by one party or another. It it is an American government caused economy. Both sides are responsible. The democrats in power now are causing the recession to last longer and are adding to it with bills like the "stimulus" package and the health care bill. If you can't borrow your way out of debt, how can the government? The problem is that our government is TOO BIG!!! It is too involved in the dealings of private businesses and our private lives. We must downsize it! If we do not it will become so big that it will become even more oppressive. That IS government's true nature, oppression. There are already tons of examples I can list but in the spirit of blogging I will only list a few. Cap and Trade is one scam of a bill that both interferes with business as well as individuals. It has nothing to do with the environment. Do not be fooled, it is merely about more government control. The right to bear arms(The 2nd Amendment) is not limited to hunters. Gun control proponents will argue that gun control will make our neighborhoods safer. They claim our children will not die needlessly because of firearms. The truth is the government does not want to have to fear it's subjects. As long as we have the right of gun ownership the government will stay in check. The moment we relinquish this right is the moment that they will come for the remainder of our freedoms. How have we as a nation become so trusting of our government? Look around. Do you honestly think the politicians care about you as a person. Hell no, you are nothing but a tax ID number who allows your hard earned money to be taken from you, before you can even see it, to be used for some purpose that you find ridiculous. Who allows this? What manner of creature on the Earth allows this type of behavior? There is a reason a bee keeper wears a bee suit! This is the reasoning behind the Tea Parties. They are not anti-Obama or anti-half black president. They are anti-madness! We better wake up soon. Stop voting Democrat simply because your daddy was a Democrat and his daddy was a Democrat and so on. Look at the issues, do a little investigating for yourself. Don't just listen to your union reps. I always have wondered, what good is a union if it forces the business into bankruptcy? If the business goes under then you are all out of a job. There was a time when unions were absolutely necessary. Now, the threat of unionizing is sometimes enough to start negotiations. The unions can't control themselves, they will continue to make demands until the business either lays off workers or shuts it's doors altogether. I know you union loyalists are gonna hate me for this analysis but it is the truth. Just because you think the Democrats are for the "workin' man"(even though they aren't), is that enough of a reason to give up your 2nd Amendment rights or the right to life of the unborn? How can a party be for the working man if they continuously raise taxes on you and your family? Oh, they tax the rich you say? By the rich they mean business. If you raise the taxes on a business then the business will raise the costs of their products therefore putting more of a burden on you and your family when you go shopping. This is not rocket science it is very easy to understand. Look for my next blog titled, Republicans Suck Too!

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