Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where's the Transparency?

I thought during the campaign that our imperial leader Barrack H. Obama told the American people that transparency would be paramount in his administration. It seems odd to me that after 6 months in office, the only thing that is transparent is his statist intentions. There is absolutely no transparency when it comes to democrat authored bills coming out of the House. Why was the 787 Billion dollar stimulus bill released at 3 A.M. the night before it was to be voted on? Why was it not read by our representatives before they voted on it. Why was it not posted on the Internet for the people to read for themselves as was promised by BHO? Why does it seem like we as citizens have no voice? The polls suggest that the majority of the people did not want the stimulus to pass. It did. The majority of the people are happy with their current health insurance and do not want a government ran system. It is coming. Cap and Trade is another example. It is simply economic suicide posing as a climate bill. The majority of the people are against this bill. The public understands that this will make us even less of a competitor in the world and will cost the U.S. jobs and lower the quality of life for millions. India refuses to listen to our Secretary of State when she gives her advice on their emerging economy. She blames America for climate change and urges India not to follow in our footsteps. India wants prosperity and they will achieve it, simply because they will not be duped into believing in some junk science sponsored myth about "man made" climate change. The climate on planet Earth has ALWAYS changed. There was an Ice Age. It has passed. Why? the climate changed. I will blog another day on climate change. The inconvenient truth behind the Cap and Trade legislation is that it's only purpose is governmental intrusion and control of the populace. The government knows climate change is not a result of man, but merely an excuse to pass laws that will allow the bureaucrats to control your life. They will be able to dictate what kind of light bulbs you can have in your home, how much water your toilet can use to flush your excrement, how high or low your thermostat can be set, how far you can travel before you are hit by an over your limit mileage tax. These laws will do more economic harm than environmental good. As BHO said,"your utility bills will necessarily increase". Sounds like heaven on Earth to me. This, ladies and gentlemen is the definition of Tyranny. Let's not forget the safety of our citizenry. Most people want to be protected from insane dictators and islamic extremists hellbent on the destruction of America. BHO wants to decrease military spending and "slow the progression of new weapon systems" including a missile defense system. All this while North Korean missiles are being tested and fired. This man, America's first true Imperial president is a liar and his intentions can be easily interpreted by his actions. He never meant to have a transparent administration. It never crossed his mind. He, his czars, and most of the Democratic party has a hate on for this country and it's citizens. It is obvious, a blind man can see it. Seriously America, is this really what you had in mind when you voted for "Change" ? You should be ashamed! No, you should be disgusted with yourself! Voting for this man and this Congress should be considered acts of treason. You have condemned us all!

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