Monday, July 13, 2009

You Need to Pay Attention!

It would be wise to pay attention to what is happening with the latest Supreme Court nominee, Sotomayor. Do not let this slip out of focus. Listen to the facts of what she has done. 80% of her rulings have been overturned by the Supreme Court, including the New Haven, CT ruling involving white and Hispanic firefighters that were passed over for promotions simply because of their skin color. She also tried to bury the judgement. She ruled with a summary judgement, meaning it was not supposed to be able to go on beyond her judgement. If she would've had her way, the case would've never been heard by the Supreme Court.
Judge Sotomayor has been quoted as saying,"I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life." Let us examine that statement for a minute. First of all, she uses the phrase "wise Latina woman". This in itself shows a major flaw in her character. The civil rights movement and women's suffrage are both rendered obsolete by this quote. Both movements were established to promote equality, not to promote a reversal of roles. It shows that she will have a tendency to put race and gender above all else. Secondly, "with the richness of her experiences", as if to say that the experiences of others are not as great as the ones of a "wise Latina woman". Third and more importantly she says, "reach a better conclusion", this represents her lack of understanding of the law. The law is already written. The legislative branch writes law, the executive branch can veto or sign the laws that are presented. The judicial branch interprets whether or not a law is in line with the Constitution. She obviously disagrees with this practice as she is quoted as saying,"because the court of appeals is where policy is made". This is NOT the role of the courts. If the law is written and passed, interpretation should be applied to the letter of the law. Problems arise in the courts when the justices ignore what is written and impose on us their personal beliefs and agendas. They treat the judicial branch as a legislative branch. They are able to rule in the way they want it to be rather than how it is written, such as using empathy as a rule of thumb to be used at their own discretion. Unfortunately, this is not a new problem. This has been going on since the beginning of the judicial branch. In the last fifty years it seems to be abused more with every new nomination. This is why we as citizens can not afford to voluntarily stay in the dark. Every level of government deserves your attention. All of us should research our candidates in our respective districts as well as those not in our districts. The senate and congress choices should not be voted on lightly. Take the time, do the research, in only takes minutes with such instruments as the Internet. It is the Senate who confirms the justices.
Forth and final is the obvious disdain she has towards "white males". This phrase is the most fearful of all. Combined with her ruling in the New Haven case, it is clear she has racial bias and motivation. It is my belief that "white" America has long since moved on from the old ways of prejudice and racist thinking. It seems as though now, even with the first black president in office, that the shoe has moved to the other foot. Hispanics and blacks on the left make alot of racist comments as public officials. These comments tend to be disregarded as justifiable or as misinterpretations. I for one am sick and tired of the double standard. Equal is equal. Fair is fair. Right is right. The idea that a female Hispanic is needed on the court as to represent females and/or Hispanics is a false assumption. The Supreme Court is not a representative body. Once again we witness the left's obsession with race and gender. She is obviously a political activist posing as a judge. I say, let the facts speak for themselves. This "wise Latina woman" who is not wise enough to see past her race and gender, has no business serving as a supreme Court justice.

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