Monday, August 24, 2009

Time For a Third Party!

I've been trying to hold out hope for the Republican party for a long time now. Not so much that I consider myself Republican, more like maybe they will come to their senses and run a CONSERVATIVE candidate. I have always said that Bush was NO conservative. Conservatives find ways to take and spend less of our money and lessen the size of government, hence the name conservative, root word "conserve", any questions? Bush did neither. Actually, he completely went the other direction. Sure he gave us a little tax cut so he would seem more conservative. This tactic was a smoke screen. Bush loved to use the phrase "compassionate conservatism", wow that's sounds catchy and caring. Too bad it's B.S.! "Compassionate conservatism" means simply this, No conservatism at all!!! We haven't had a conservative candidate since Reagan. Bush Sr. and W. are elitists. Just like John McCain and Barrack Obama. They only care about themselves and their self serving ideologies. What this country needs is a third party, or a third choice, if you will. If you want "change", this is the only way that I can see it to be possible. The problem is that the party lines are blurred. They are not set in stark contrast anymore. Hell, both parties have abandoned their platforms. Democrats used to be for the working man. Republicans used to care about capitalism. Now the new Democrats have become the old socialists, and the new Republicans have become slaves to big business. In this scenario we the people lose out every time. Joseph Stalin once said, "No matter who they vote for, they're voting for us." That seems about right for our government too. I can't stand these ignorant college kids and their obsession with socialism. I know we are all young and stupid once, but now it has even more severe consequences than ever before. We are at the precipice in this country, especially with socialized health care right around the corner. Listen, if this passes, it will NEVER go away, no matter how bad it fails or how much it costs. Look at social security, medicare, medicaid, etc. If we can't stop whats happening, I fear we will all be very sorry(and broke) for a really long time. The need for a third party and a return to the original interpretations of the Constitution is now, as well as the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is not a list of rights that the government bestowed unto us. It is a list of rights that CAN NOT be infringed upon by the government. See the difference? We are so preoccupied with the idea that the government gives us our rights (thanks public school system) that we accept anything the government passes as law even if it is Un Constitutional. Our creator gave us our rights, we then lend them to the government. The government does not lend them to us. Now, which party do we turn to? I don't know. There are so many parties now, how does one choose? Based on values, ideology, fiscal ideology, etc? Well, I say all. We must find a party platform that incorporates all of these things. The closest party with a fighting chance is probably the Libertarian party. The best choice for the country is probably the Constitution party. I hate to abandon the Republican party but, they abandoned me first! I mean John Freakin' McCain?!? is that really the BEST candidate you Republicans had to offer? Well, now you know why I no longer consider myself a Republican. I am not leaving you, you left me, never forget that! I know alot of people who feel like I do. Now is the time to pick a party(not the D or R), make a stand, and take back our country! We are in a position now in this country to which none of us have ever seen. We the people have had all we can stand from our government. The Republicans had eight years and did nothing to advance conservatism, if anything they redefined it leaving a bad taste in the people's mouths. Conservatism is not George W. Bush, it is not John McCain, is not Lindsey Graham. This type of so called conservatism is how BHO got elected. The majority of the people in this country are conservative, but the meaning of conservatism has been hijacked by spineless appeasers in the Republican party. Just as socialists have hijacked the Democratic party. Only seven months into this disaster of a presidency, the people are sick of the shady dealings and broken promises of this administration. Now is the perfect time for a new party to step up to the plate. To offer "we the people" an alternative. We have had enough of the same old worn out political arguments. Whichever party steps up, it needs to get started. We have until 2010 to vote out the career politicians and get some new blood in those seats. New blood with a new vision, one that does not lead to a more authoritarian state, but to a more free state, where we decide for ourselves what type of car to drive, what type of light bulbs to own, what type of toilets we can put into our homes, if we want to drink a Coca-Cola, we don't have to pay a higher tax because it is a sugary beverage, this is lunacy that this conversation is even happening! How have we gotten so far from personal freedom? Please for the love of country and your fellow Americans, stop the madness! Stop voting for the same two parties that are responsible for all that is wrong with our country. Every domestic problem we face as a nation, can be traced to our government's intervention into our lives. Every financial crisis is created by regulations, interference in commerce, and ever increasing taxes. The government then sees the problem, and tries to impose some other system that is even worse, the whole while, claiming it will fix the problem that it created. The remedy is almost always worse than the crisis. By worse I mean that the government's span of control over our lives increases. I for one can make my own decisions. I will decide what my family needs, wants, and receives, not some faceless bureaucrat whom I've never met. Thomas Jefferson said, "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have...The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases." Let those words sink in good, they couldn't be more true. Our founding fathers were no idiots, they were perhaps the smartest people to ever set foot in this nation. this is a call to all of you who are as fed up as myself. Do the research on some alternative parties. Maybe we can turn this train around while we still have the freedom and will to do it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why Do Conservatives Compromise?

I was wondering why only the conservatives compromise. Every time that there is an issue to be debated, we conservatives are always the ones asked to change our views in light of the so called progressive view. The best example I can give of this is Gun Control. Why is it that the 2nd Amendment is always under fire? The libs told us in the 80's, "We just want to ban the Saturday night specials" (which were cheap easily concealable handguns). Let's examine this argument before we move on. First of all what is a "cheap" handgun? Well that depends on the financial situation of the purchaser. If you make $7.00 an hour and work 5 days a week, a $250.00 handgun is not very cheap. If you are some big shot lawyer turned politician, well $250.00 is not even felt. So once again, our liberal friends dismiss subjectivity when it suits them (they are NEVER objective). For years now the left wingers have been after assault weapons and ammo. I can't figure out why the left always is at odds with the status quo. The staus quo isn't always bad, and if it is why is it the government's job to fix it? Let the markets and the American people decide how to fix our problems. At times it is necessary to question the reasoning and logic of our policies and procedures, I have no problem with that. What bothers me is every time we are asked, it is always in opposition to what is logical and reasonable. We are told if assault weapons were banned, then the country would be a safer place for the "children". B.S.!!! That is liberal rhetoric. They point out Columbine, the crazy student at Virginia Tech, and the nutcase in Geneva, AL. They will tell you that if there weren't any guns than this wouldn't have happened. I say if the CRAZY PEOPLE didn't have guns this wouldn't have happened. They DON'T tell you about all of the non-crazy, peace loving, taxpaying, responsible gun owners who don't go on shooting sprees everyday. They own firearms for sport, hunting, home defense, and personal protection. In no way am I a threat to anyone that isn't a threat to me or my family. I would also ask this, Do you libs think that these nut bags cared if there were any gun laws banning these weapons? Do you really think that would have stopped them? Do you really think the law enforcement in this country could stop all the sales and distribution of firearms nationwide? It's not working out too good for illegal drugs, prostitution, illegal immigration, etc. The only thing an all out ban on firearms would do is ensure that only criminals would be firearm owners. Once the criminals become the sole carriers of guns, well it's game on for them. They will know that if they break into your home, that you will not be capable of defending yourself. They will be armed, you won't! I guess you can call 911, wait 10-30 minutes until the police arrive. I wonder how long it would take a criminal to shoot you after you hang up the phone. See, this is what liberals do not want to debate. They want to call you a domestic terrorist, a redneck, a Bambi killing murderer. That is the way of the liberal, if they can't beat you on logic and facts, they will resort to name calling and trying to make it personal. With this they put you on the defensive and take the focus off of the topic at hand. After you have become angry with them over their personal attacks on your character, they will end the debate feeling as though they have won. But you can't "win" what you have never truly debated. The perfect example of this is Global Warming(or cooling whichever we are calling today). Al Gore claims, "the debate is over", funny I don't remember it ever truly taking place. I remember the media portraying only one side. Anyway, this blog's main focus is why conservatives must compromise, while the liberals are always asking for us to change for their benefit and never willing to change for ours. I say ENOUGH!!! I am sick and tired of spineless RINOs giving in to this none sense! Get a backbone! Represent your constituents! Do not cower before these pseudo-intellectuals and stand up for your values! If you refuse to fight for us, then you are of no use to us and you will be gone come next election. The health care issue is in compromise mode, the far left is screaming mad at the new propositions. This is a good start. But we can not allow this false sense of victory to pave the way for some "compromised" legislation to pass that will leave any loop holes in which the government takeover could still be imminent. The American people are standing up like I haven't seen in my lifetime! We are pissed off and I think the politicians are noticing. They can play it down all they want. Nancy Pelosi can call real American grassroots efforts AstroTurf all she wants, it doesn't change a damn thing. If anything, it pisses people off that much more, to where they are willing to take off work a little early to go to a town hall meeting. These people are not some right wing "mob", they are real everyday citizens. They are people with legitimate concerns. When the government keeps promising all these things and spending all this money without any explanation on how they will pay for it, people start getting scared. Fear then leads to anger, this is the fear induced anger that you are witnessing at these meetings. It is sincere. I know the media only shows the one loud guy screaming incoherently, don't expect to see the regular people aired on the news channels anytime soon. Never in my life have I seen the news media in this country betray the entire population without flinching. They will pay for their atrocities soon enough. A wind of change* is blowing in our country, change* that hasn't been felt in decades. I believe that there in a conservative awakening coming. Do not compromise if it is only one-sided, and NEVER compromise your values!

P.S. A question for all of you liberal women shouting, "Keep your laws off my body", when it comes to abortions. Why are you supporting the government being in control of the health care industry? If this passes, their laws will be ALL OVER your body. Just curious.

*Actual change - not just some meaningless mantra used to trick unsuspecting Americans into following some empty suit to the voting booths and pulling the lever for the most unqualified, far left, anti capitalist, flat out lying, czar appointing, automobile industry stealing, teleprompter reading, gun hating, baby killing, tax increasing politician to ever hold the office of the presidency

Friday, July 31, 2009

Both Sides Are Responsible

It seems as though, Americans are programmed to think that there are only two parties, and that those parties are polar opposites. This is true only to an extent. I for one will vote my ideology rather than party. Granted, most of the time the Republican positions are "more" in line with my ideology than the Democrats. Notice I said more. Not always. I can admit that. It seems to me, that most of the liberals that I talk to, are not willing to admit that their side has it's own failures and flaws. I've never seen a group of people so united in a movement that is so opposed to the principles of our Constitution. They will listen to everything Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Franken, Frank, and the mainstream media say and will take it as gospel. I criticized Bush when he approved the TARP bill. He never vetoed a spending bill. He was awful on illegal immigration. As a matter of fact, the only things he did right were tax cuts and national security. If I can admit that, why then will liberals not admit that the economic crisis was a joint effort. Obama wants to call it a Bush economy. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd love to blame Bush as well. The only problem is that Dodd and Frank are MORE to blame than Bush for the housing bubble bursting. If you think about it, it wasn't until after the 2006 elections when the Democrats gained control of the House and Senate did the economy start to take a downward turn. Bush and other Republicans pushed for regulations of Fannie and Freddie. Barney Frank responded, "These two entities - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - are not facing any kind of financial crisis,'' That's strange because apparently THEY WERE!!! He was also pushing for home ownership through sub prime loans stating,"those of us on our committee in particular will continue to push for home ownership." Then after the collapse he claimed, " It was a conservative view that rental housing was a bad thing. I have been trying to continue programs to build descent rental housing." B.S.!!! This guy is completely clueless and so are the voters of Massachusetts if they elect this guy again. Enough about "Slurring Barney". My point is that this economy is not owned by one party or another. It it is an American government caused economy. Both sides are responsible. The democrats in power now are causing the recession to last longer and are adding to it with bills like the "stimulus" package and the health care bill. If you can't borrow your way out of debt, how can the government? The problem is that our government is TOO BIG!!! It is too involved in the dealings of private businesses and our private lives. We must downsize it! If we do not it will become so big that it will become even more oppressive. That IS government's true nature, oppression. There are already tons of examples I can list but in the spirit of blogging I will only list a few. Cap and Trade is one scam of a bill that both interferes with business as well as individuals. It has nothing to do with the environment. Do not be fooled, it is merely about more government control. The right to bear arms(The 2nd Amendment) is not limited to hunters. Gun control proponents will argue that gun control will make our neighborhoods safer. They claim our children will not die needlessly because of firearms. The truth is the government does not want to have to fear it's subjects. As long as we have the right of gun ownership the government will stay in check. The moment we relinquish this right is the moment that they will come for the remainder of our freedoms. How have we as a nation become so trusting of our government? Look around. Do you honestly think the politicians care about you as a person. Hell no, you are nothing but a tax ID number who allows your hard earned money to be taken from you, before you can even see it, to be used for some purpose that you find ridiculous. Who allows this? What manner of creature on the Earth allows this type of behavior? There is a reason a bee keeper wears a bee suit! This is the reasoning behind the Tea Parties. They are not anti-Obama or anti-half black president. They are anti-madness! We better wake up soon. Stop voting Democrat simply because your daddy was a Democrat and his daddy was a Democrat and so on. Look at the issues, do a little investigating for yourself. Don't just listen to your union reps. I always have wondered, what good is a union if it forces the business into bankruptcy? If the business goes under then you are all out of a job. There was a time when unions were absolutely necessary. Now, the threat of unionizing is sometimes enough to start negotiations. The unions can't control themselves, they will continue to make demands until the business either lays off workers or shuts it's doors altogether. I know you union loyalists are gonna hate me for this analysis but it is the truth. Just because you think the Democrats are for the "workin' man"(even though they aren't), is that enough of a reason to give up your 2nd Amendment rights or the right to life of the unborn? How can a party be for the working man if they continuously raise taxes on you and your family? Oh, they tax the rich you say? By the rich they mean business. If you raise the taxes on a business then the business will raise the costs of their products therefore putting more of a burden on you and your family when you go shopping. This is not rocket science it is very easy to understand. Look for my next blog titled, Republicans Suck Too!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wrong Again...

Maybe it's just me, but I see a continual trend with our imperial leader Barrack Obama. I've noticed, in these few short months, a very disturbing and mind numbing pattern. I see this president, time after time, ending up on the wrong side of the issues. The first time was with his apology tour of the European nations. Then, he travels to Africa, the Caribbean, and Russia, apologizing for the U.S. I for one, do not want my president to apologize on my behalf or my country's. In meetings with Central American dictators, like Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega, he sits with a spineless look of regret on his face as they repeatedly bash the U.S. The regret of his is of being an American or at least it would seem. He even stoops so low as to accept an anti-U.S. book from Chavez. Later, the Iranian people decide to stage protests after their election was obviously stolen by the dictatorial regime currently in power. The president merely stated, "we will wait and see what happens". Wow, what leadership! I'm not saying go to war with Iran, but at least stand behind the freedom loving peoples of the world. He stood in support of the Ayatollahs and Amademajad instead of the Iranian people. It wasn't until the U.S.'s public support strengthened for the Iranian people, did Obama toughen up on his words(barely). What about Israel? He tells the world that America will not meddle in Iranian affairs. But it is OK for us to meddle in Israeli/Palestinian affairs? Obama thinks Israel should give up more land to Palestine and allow Iran to have nukes(nukes that Iranian leaders have pledged to launch at Israel once they have been acquired). Give me a break! After that, the Honduran military overthrows their president for trying to illegally obtain a third term in office. Obama then sided with the would be Honduran dictator. He stated, "America only recognizes the democratically elected president of Honduras". Why does he side with dictators? Does he sympathize with them? Does he agree with their ideals? Does he approve of the human rights violations that they inflict on their people? More frightening, is this where he sees himself in eight years? Now, he comes out and makes a statement about an entire police department because a political colleague of his was acting belligerent and was arrested as a result. The president took the cheap shot during a televised press conference concerning socialized health care. Later it would be determined that the professor had acting inappropriately and the police officer was justified in the arrest. A black officer who was also on the scene came out in support of the arresting officer. Obama had asked for an apology from the police officer early on but he doesn't offer one to the police officer now. Huh, how does that work exactly? Once again, I do not want my president to apologize to anyone. But if he has set the precedent that it is OK for the President of the United States of America to give out apologies, so why then won't he apologize to someone who is truly deserving? I guess if the police officer was the dictator of some third world country he would get his apology. Obama says his comments on the matter were "unfortunate". Well, isn't that sweet? Maybe Obama should get all of the facts in on an issue before he releases a statement. That way he won't come off as arrogant and clueless all of the time. I am really afraid that Americans, in the spirit of hope and change, got exactly that. Only this "change" isn't what anyone was expecting. Just think about how fast all of these bills(stimulus, cap and trade, national health care) are flying at us. This is all in his first six months in office. Imagine what he has in store for us in the next six months. I shutter to think of what the next issue will be when our supreme leader will be wrong again.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where's the Transparency?

I thought during the campaign that our imperial leader Barrack H. Obama told the American people that transparency would be paramount in his administration. It seems odd to me that after 6 months in office, the only thing that is transparent is his statist intentions. There is absolutely no transparency when it comes to democrat authored bills coming out of the House. Why was the 787 Billion dollar stimulus bill released at 3 A.M. the night before it was to be voted on? Why was it not read by our representatives before they voted on it. Why was it not posted on the Internet for the people to read for themselves as was promised by BHO? Why does it seem like we as citizens have no voice? The polls suggest that the majority of the people did not want the stimulus to pass. It did. The majority of the people are happy with their current health insurance and do not want a government ran system. It is coming. Cap and Trade is another example. It is simply economic suicide posing as a climate bill. The majority of the people are against this bill. The public understands that this will make us even less of a competitor in the world and will cost the U.S. jobs and lower the quality of life for millions. India refuses to listen to our Secretary of State when she gives her advice on their emerging economy. She blames America for climate change and urges India not to follow in our footsteps. India wants prosperity and they will achieve it, simply because they will not be duped into believing in some junk science sponsored myth about "man made" climate change. The climate on planet Earth has ALWAYS changed. There was an Ice Age. It has passed. Why? the climate changed. I will blog another day on climate change. The inconvenient truth behind the Cap and Trade legislation is that it's only purpose is governmental intrusion and control of the populace. The government knows climate change is not a result of man, but merely an excuse to pass laws that will allow the bureaucrats to control your life. They will be able to dictate what kind of light bulbs you can have in your home, how much water your toilet can use to flush your excrement, how high or low your thermostat can be set, how far you can travel before you are hit by an over your limit mileage tax. These laws will do more economic harm than environmental good. As BHO said,"your utility bills will necessarily increase". Sounds like heaven on Earth to me. This, ladies and gentlemen is the definition of Tyranny. Let's not forget the safety of our citizenry. Most people want to be protected from insane dictators and islamic extremists hellbent on the destruction of America. BHO wants to decrease military spending and "slow the progression of new weapon systems" including a missile defense system. All this while North Korean missiles are being tested and fired. This man, America's first true Imperial president is a liar and his intentions can be easily interpreted by his actions. He never meant to have a transparent administration. It never crossed his mind. He, his czars, and most of the Democratic party has a hate on for this country and it's citizens. It is obvious, a blind man can see it. Seriously America, is this really what you had in mind when you voted for "Change" ? You should be ashamed! No, you should be disgusted with yourself! Voting for this man and this Congress should be considered acts of treason. You have condemned us all!

Monday, July 13, 2009

You Need to Pay Attention!

It would be wise to pay attention to what is happening with the latest Supreme Court nominee, Sotomayor. Do not let this slip out of focus. Listen to the facts of what she has done. 80% of her rulings have been overturned by the Supreme Court, including the New Haven, CT ruling involving white and Hispanic firefighters that were passed over for promotions simply because of their skin color. She also tried to bury the judgement. She ruled with a summary judgement, meaning it was not supposed to be able to go on beyond her judgement. If she would've had her way, the case would've never been heard by the Supreme Court.
Judge Sotomayor has been quoted as saying,"I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life." Let us examine that statement for a minute. First of all, she uses the phrase "wise Latina woman". This in itself shows a major flaw in her character. The civil rights movement and women's suffrage are both rendered obsolete by this quote. Both movements were established to promote equality, not to promote a reversal of roles. It shows that she will have a tendency to put race and gender above all else. Secondly, "with the richness of her experiences", as if to say that the experiences of others are not as great as the ones of a "wise Latina woman". Third and more importantly she says, "reach a better conclusion", this represents her lack of understanding of the law. The law is already written. The legislative branch writes law, the executive branch can veto or sign the laws that are presented. The judicial branch interprets whether or not a law is in line with the Constitution. She obviously disagrees with this practice as she is quoted as saying,"because the court of appeals is where policy is made". This is NOT the role of the courts. If the law is written and passed, interpretation should be applied to the letter of the law. Problems arise in the courts when the justices ignore what is written and impose on us their personal beliefs and agendas. They treat the judicial branch as a legislative branch. They are able to rule in the way they want it to be rather than how it is written, such as using empathy as a rule of thumb to be used at their own discretion. Unfortunately, this is not a new problem. This has been going on since the beginning of the judicial branch. In the last fifty years it seems to be abused more with every new nomination. This is why we as citizens can not afford to voluntarily stay in the dark. Every level of government deserves your attention. All of us should research our candidates in our respective districts as well as those not in our districts. The senate and congress choices should not be voted on lightly. Take the time, do the research, in only takes minutes with such instruments as the Internet. It is the Senate who confirms the justices.
Forth and final is the obvious disdain she has towards "white males". This phrase is the most fearful of all. Combined with her ruling in the New Haven case, it is clear she has racial bias and motivation. It is my belief that "white" America has long since moved on from the old ways of prejudice and racist thinking. It seems as though now, even with the first black president in office, that the shoe has moved to the other foot. Hispanics and blacks on the left make alot of racist comments as public officials. These comments tend to be disregarded as justifiable or as misinterpretations. I for one am sick and tired of the double standard. Equal is equal. Fair is fair. Right is right. The idea that a female Hispanic is needed on the court as to represent females and/or Hispanics is a false assumption. The Supreme Court is not a representative body. Once again we witness the left's obsession with race and gender. She is obviously a political activist posing as a judge. I say, let the facts speak for themselves. This "wise Latina woman" who is not wise enough to see past her race and gender, has no business serving as a supreme Court justice.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Preliminary blog

This is the first of what I am hoping will be an informative and entertaining, as well as, a thought promoting blog. I have alot of things on my mind these days. Most of which is, fear for my country's future. I believe our government has successfully pulled the wool over the eyes of it's public. With this blog, it will be my attempt to analyze what is in the headlines and offer various views or possibilities that you may not find in the main stream media. Granted, I will be using various forms of media and other sources of information to offer my opinions. For too long, myself and people like me have sat on the sidelines and watched as our country's Constitution and moral values have slowly slid out of focus. All the while, we would sit around complaining that' "There's nothing we can do about it, except vote." I felt defeated and discouraged. Many of you reading this may feel the same. You feel as if everything just and decent is being replaced with all things decadent and morally unjust. No more will I sit idly by and only complain to like-minded people in the comfort of my own home. This blog is the first of my contributions to turning the country back around towards the principles and values that were intended through our founding documents. We are in a war within our own country. It's political, but a war nonetheless. It is my hope that you will be inspired to contribute something to the cause of preserving liberty and reversing the cause of those who wish to rule, rather than govern. Thank You.

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