Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wrong Again...

Maybe it's just me, but I see a continual trend with our imperial leader Barrack Obama. I've noticed, in these few short months, a very disturbing and mind numbing pattern. I see this president, time after time, ending up on the wrong side of the issues. The first time was with his apology tour of the European nations. Then, he travels to Africa, the Caribbean, and Russia, apologizing for the U.S. I for one, do not want my president to apologize on my behalf or my country's. In meetings with Central American dictators, like Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega, he sits with a spineless look of regret on his face as they repeatedly bash the U.S. The regret of his is of being an American or at least it would seem. He even stoops so low as to accept an anti-U.S. book from Chavez. Later, the Iranian people decide to stage protests after their election was obviously stolen by the dictatorial regime currently in power. The president merely stated, "we will wait and see what happens". Wow, what leadership! I'm not saying go to war with Iran, but at least stand behind the freedom loving peoples of the world. He stood in support of the Ayatollahs and Amademajad instead of the Iranian people. It wasn't until the U.S.'s public support strengthened for the Iranian people, did Obama toughen up on his words(barely). What about Israel? He tells the world that America will not meddle in Iranian affairs. But it is OK for us to meddle in Israeli/Palestinian affairs? Obama thinks Israel should give up more land to Palestine and allow Iran to have nukes(nukes that Iranian leaders have pledged to launch at Israel once they have been acquired). Give me a break! After that, the Honduran military overthrows their president for trying to illegally obtain a third term in office. Obama then sided with the would be Honduran dictator. He stated, "America only recognizes the democratically elected president of Honduras". Why does he side with dictators? Does he sympathize with them? Does he agree with their ideals? Does he approve of the human rights violations that they inflict on their people? More frightening, is this where he sees himself in eight years? Now, he comes out and makes a statement about an entire police department because a political colleague of his was acting belligerent and was arrested as a result. The president took the cheap shot during a televised press conference concerning socialized health care. Later it would be determined that the professor had acting inappropriately and the police officer was justified in the arrest. A black officer who was also on the scene came out in support of the arresting officer. Obama had asked for an apology from the police officer early on but he doesn't offer one to the police officer now. Huh, how does that work exactly? Once again, I do not want my president to apologize to anyone. But if he has set the precedent that it is OK for the President of the United States of America to give out apologies, so why then won't he apologize to someone who is truly deserving? I guess if the police officer was the dictator of some third world country he would get his apology. Obama says his comments on the matter were "unfortunate". Well, isn't that sweet? Maybe Obama should get all of the facts in on an issue before he releases a statement. That way he won't come off as arrogant and clueless all of the time. I am really afraid that Americans, in the spirit of hope and change, got exactly that. Only this "change" isn't what anyone was expecting. Just think about how fast all of these bills(stimulus, cap and trade, national health care) are flying at us. This is all in his first six months in office. Imagine what he has in store for us in the next six months. I shutter to think of what the next issue will be when our supreme leader will be wrong again.

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